Dont move improve your home

Why move when you can improve?

November 20, 2014

We are Carr family builder’s top tips on why you should improve your house instead of moving

Is your house looking tired?

There are many benefits to improving you house instead of moving.
So why not save yourself time, hassle and money by improving instead of moving.

We are Carr Family builders have recently discovered that over 2 million home owners decided to make home improvements on their home rather than move.

Here are some reason why you should improve your house instead of moving:

House prices rising and expensive fees can be more costly

With house prices on the rise, many people nowadays cannot afford to move.
18% of people have moved into smaller properties because of this whereas 33% of people made house improvements so that they can add value to their house.
The cost of moving house has soared by 70% in the last 10 years. Many people in negative equity can improve the value of their home through We are Carr family builders.

There are so many expensive fees when it comes to selling your house so why not improve and make money instead of paying these fees and government taxes.

The fees you need to consider are

Stamp duty tax. This can be quite expensive but it can depend as different rates are charged.

Valuation or survey – These are necessary as it will flag up any problems your new house might have.
Different survey includes – basic survey, homebuyers report or building survey.

Energy performance certificate. This is required by law as you will need to make it available to potential buyers.

Conveyancing fee or solicitor fee – they take care of all your legal work, search locally to make sure there are no planned developments in your area and obtain your tittle deed etc.

Other fees can include:

House removal van,
Storage for your items
Insurance for your storage
Builder’s insurance
Content’s insurance
Estate agents fees etc.

All these costs can add up.

Not a dab hand at DIY? Don’t have the time, necessary skills or patience; then call We are Carr family builders to give you a free quote.

Simpler and easier – less stress and hassle

The thought of packing all our things into boxes feels most of us with dread. It is not only time consuming but can be very stressful. Where did you put in what box etc.? Then you have to move it all onto the van and unpack at the next house.

Not only that but If you have children then you have to think about the possibility of them going to a different school.

So why not save yourself all the stress and do your house up

By improving you may be able to add luxuries you did not have before ie create a downstairs toilet or en-suite.

Add more value to your house

By improving your house you could add more value to it.
Do you have a big garden space? You could add on a conservatory, this will add an average value of £9000 to your property. This would also give you another room to be able to sit in and relax in

Perhaps you need more space? Convert your loft into another floor adding an average value of an average £16,000 – this is the most popular home improvement
Or add a single extension room adding on an average of £15,500, leaving you with more space.

No more fighting for the bathroom in the morning with your kids or partner, making you selves late for work. Get a quote for your very own luxury en suite from We are Carr family builders.

Your house will then be worth more and you will be able to sell it at a higher price in the future or you could leave more value to your children.

We are Carr family builders can help you undertake home improvements to your house, whether it’s a small or big project, from painting and decorating to adding extensions.

Give your house the “WOW” factor

Give your house a new lease of life, by painting the walls, just by changing the colour of a room can have an effect on your mood.

Improve your garden by adding some lovely decking. It is a good place to put a designated area for table and chairs during the summer

We are Carr family builders understand that improving your house is a stressful, time consuming project which is why we would like to offer you a free quote for all of our services.

We are Carr family builders and Builders Rossendale prides ourselves on customer service and will help you every step of the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog on why improving is better than moving.
We hope we have given you some great ideas and if you are thinking of home improvements and need a local builder in Lancashire contact Carr family builders.

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