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Why Choose an Imprinted Driveway?

June 22, 2015

Why Choose an Imprinted Driveway?


Maybe you haven’t heard of them before, or perhaps you are sceptical of something relatively new and are worried about the longevity of imprinted concrete over traditional options such as tarmac or block paving. As a local Family-Builders covering the Ramsbottom, Rossendale and Whalley areas of Lancashire, our reputation relies on customer satisfaction – we wouldn’t recommend Imprinted Driveways and Patios as an alternative if we didn’t truly believe in their benefits.


So what are these benefits?


1.     Cost-Effectiveness: Imprinted Concrete offers a luxury look at an affordable price. There are many different options for colours and patterns including cobblestone, slate, slabs, crazy paving, bricks and timber. Techniques have advanced so that Imprinted Concrete can impressively mimic the real thing. This means that a look, that was once expensive and time consuming to lay, can now be achieved in a much more cost effective way – making it friendlier on your pocket.


2.     Minimal Maintenance: Carrs use specially formulated strengthened concrete to make sure your new driveway or patio has the durability to last. The finished driveway will be incredibly hard-wearing and last a very long time with very minimal maintenance (they need re-sealing every few years). They require considerably less upkeep compared to other driveway options. It also doesn’t take long for a brand new driveway to start a battle against the weeds. With an Imprinted Driveway you won’t need to wage war with the plant life that just loves the gaps between slabs in a traditional driveway. You will have one uniform surface which is quick to clean and unbelievably easy to maintain.


3.     Strength & Durability: Driveways and Patios are constrained by the ground that lies beneath. A common complaint is that paving stones sink and you are left with an uneven and visually unappealing surface. If an Imprinted Driveway is installed by professional experts like Carrs, then the driveway will retain its brand-new look for longer and be hard-wearing for the full duration of its life


4.     Quick Installation: Building and Home Renovation projects are notorious for over-running, most frequently due to the weather. Although Imprinted Concrete driveways are also somewhat reliant on fair weather to install, once we get a good window of weather the job can be completed very quickly. This means there is significantly less disruption to you during the course of the project.


However, a word to the wise: it is imperative to get your new driveway installed by experts with a proven reputation for expert service and customer satisfaction. The above benefits can easily be blown away by poor installation. Installing Imprinted Concrete Driveways and Patios is a skill, some would say an art form. Poor ground preparation, or a willingness to risk doing work in extremely cold or wet conditions, can detrimentally affect the driveway and leave it looking substandard. It is nearly impossible to patch or repair invisibly – hence Carrs’ meticulous attention to detail whereby we ensure we get it right first time, every time.  A patched section of concrete will give away the Imprinted Driveway’s secret as it is not possible to match the colour and pattern exactly.


If the driveway is not installed by professional experts it can also lead to premature weathering where there is early wear of the coloured layer leading to an exposure of the grey concrete underneath. Again this is unsightly. However, if it has been installed correctly, and maintained every few years with sealant, you won’t get this effect.


Overall, we strongly believe that the benefits of Imprinted Concrete Driveways, when installed by experts with a passion for what they do, are huge. Imprinted Driveways offer an affordable chance at not only a luxury-look, but one that require minimal maintenance and will last for years improving both the look and value of your home.


For further information on Imprinted Driveways and to discuss their suitability for your domestic or commercial premises, please call Carr Construction on 01706 600206, email, or Contact Us.

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